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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Welcome to Siberia: Ulan Ude

The train from Ulaan Baatar to Ulan Ude is less than twenty four hours – just a quick one! The border change from Mongolia to Russia was a marginally smoother affair, except we inadvertentlyView full post »

More Mongolia

A post from Rob – enjoy! We only had three days outside of UB but it felt like more than a week. We stayed in two different ger camps (one near Genghis Khan’s capital Kharkhorin, one inView full post »

Mongolia: Life in a Ger

While we were staying in the ger camps (a mere nine hours from Ulaan Baatar!), we were fortunate enough to meet a local herding family and taste the curds and butter made each and every day from theView full post »

Rural Mongolia

We visited Ulaan Baatar in summer – after the pungent blanket of smoke and haze had lifted after yet another winter of coal-fires in the city’s “ger districts,” and the airView full post »

Mongolia: Ulaan Baatar

We arrived in Ulaan Baatar (UB to the locals) with a bit of apprehension – we’d heard a few first and second hand accounts of violence, aggressive pick-pocketers and bag slashers inView full post »

The Trans-Mongolian Railway

The Chinese-Mongolian border change was our first experience of a ‘land’ border crossing. After fifteen hours with no toilets, the lines and staff at Melbourne Airport look almostView full post »


We somehow got trapped into a pricey and very touristy trip to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, for the most expensive roast lamb leg we have ever seen. Including ten years of droughtView full post »


Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of China with a mix of Han and Mongolian people and cultures. It certainly isn’t on the typical tourist trail, but we wereView full post »

The last of Beijing

It is very easy to forget that Beijing is a bustling, international city when you escape into the web of siheyuans and hutongs – small alleyways of traditional courtyard houses.  And if weView full post »

Beijing: The Acrobats

Our last night in Beijing was a trip to the Chaoyang Acrobats. It was simultaneously awe-inspiring and just a little bit excruciating to watch – with all of the time Rob and I have spentView full post »

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China cannot, in fact, be seen from space, but it is a very impressive sight from the ground. Rob was almost beside himself with excitement when we got the first glimpse from theView full post »

Beijing: A few more sights

A little bit of down time now before we leave Listvyanka for Irkutsk to get on our midnight train – below are some photos (in this order) from the the Drum and Bell Towers, the Lama Temple,View full post »

Back on the Trans-Siberian

Tonight we are back on the Trans-Siberian to Kazan – for three nights. I’m actually a little bit excited about this – we have a few new eps of Offspring, Grey’s and PrivateView full post »

Beijing: Tiananmen Square

We visited Tiananmen Square twice – once during the sun stroke haze after Forbidden City, and then again for the raising of the flag at dawn. Tiananmen Square of course needs noView full post »