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Monthly Archives: July 2012

A house fit for a Tsar

I like gold leaf walls and marble cherubs as much as the next girl, but the palaces of the Tsars are perhaps just a little bit overboard. We visited three of the royal palaces in St Petersburg –View full post »

White Nights and Drawbridges

In the summer months in St Petersburg, before the River Neva freezes over, the bridges are raised every night to allow large ships to pass. They go up between 1:25- 2am, and the last comes back downView full post »

St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg was the city I was most excited about visiting – particularly because we were there for the famous White Nights Festival. It is such a beautiful city and it was a magical time toView full post »

Yaroslavl, Russia

Yaroslavl was first founded in 1010 as a trading ‘outpost’ to Rostov, but became a major industrial town  under Peter the Great during the 18th century. Peter the Great was greatlyView full post »

Rostov, Russia

The first mentions of Rostov are from the year 862, and by the 13th century it was the capital city of the region. It has been variously ravaged by the Mongols and the Poles, and despite losing itsView full post »

More of the Golden Ring

The ancient capitals and cities of Russia form a “golden ring” north-east of Moscow of 11th and 12th century kremlins, churches, cathedrals, convents and monasteries. The iconicView full post »

More Moscow

A few last photos from Moscow before we move onto the golden ring towns and St Petersburg. A visit to the Cosmonaut Museum was a must for Rob and I’ll admit I enjoyed it too! The highlightView full post »

Moscow: The Metro

One of our favourite parts of Moscow was the Metro system. As well as being a fantastic way (or given the traffic, the only way!) to get around this enormous city, the metro stations are attractionsView full post »

Moscow: The Gulag Museum

It is hard to escape the sadness and suffering of Russia’s modern history – it is still very much in living memory and so much a part of the national psyche. We were so fortunate to getView full post »

Moscow: The ministry of silly walks

The changing of the guard at the Kremlin is a must-see in Moscow – we may have had a few giggles, thinking of this sketch! It is quite a sight though – the precision and athleticism ofView full post »

The iconic sights of Moscow

The Kremlin, Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral (actually The Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat if you don’t suffer from tongue tie) need no introductionView full post »

Moscow, Russia

The drive from Suzdal to Moscow is a lousy 224 kilometres – the last tiny stretch of the almost 6000 kilometres we had travelled from the Mongolian border. So naturally, being Russia, it tookView full post »

More Suzdal

A few more pics from Suzdal, including our 10am Wednesday morning honey mead ‘tasting’ session. It was a good way to start the day. – AlliView full post »

The many domes and spires of Suzdal

The churches and monasteries of Suzdal are rustic, ramshackle and extraordinarily beautiful. They are in various stages of restoration, and are now mostly museums – although they thankfullyView full post »