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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Wroclaw, Poland

Booking our train ticket to Wroclaw would have been a whole lot easier if we had realised it was pronounced “Vrotslahv” (or thereabouts!). That was an embarrassing and confusingView full post »

And we’re back…

…online. Both a little relieved about that. There may be a big internet binge going on at the moment. We have watched this gorgeous video twice in the last hour, Rob is uploading photos to FBView full post »

Where we’re at: off to Uzbekistan

We haven’t updated you on where we actually are for a while. Given we are possibly going off the grid for a bit, now seems like a good time. Since Poland, we have visited Czech Republic,View full post »

The Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow

I don’t love going down mines. I’m a little bit claustrophobic, easily bored and I don’t really care about explosives, earth moving equipment or rocks/gases/minerals/other thingsView full post »


I am not the right person to talk about Auschwitz-Birkenau. I didn’t experience the Holocaust personally or culturally, I am not a historian, and I am not even European. I am not Jewish, orView full post »

Krakow, Poland

We were very excited to meet up with our lovely friend Shona in Krakow, who travelled with us to Wroclaw as well. Shona shares my love of photography, sangria and Cue dresses, and Rob’s love ofView full post »

Warsaw, Poland

Whenever we discussed Poland with people who had already travelled there (or lived there!), the result was pretty unanimous: avoid Warsaw, head straight to Krakow, and don’t miss Wroclaw. WeView full post »

Vilnius, Lithuania

When you are on a seven month RTW holiday, and with someone you genuinely like (and who helps you carry your bags!), whinging sort of seems like an ungrateful, wholly un-Australian thing to do. IView full post »

A very long train trip: Wrap up

I have already written about how we survived three days and nights on the trans-Siberian, but we have had a few questions on the trip itself so thought it merited a little wrap up. I’m notView full post »

A little more St Petersburg

I have finally finished sorting through our Russia photos – a month later. As always, handing in my homework late! But I’m actually a little bit sad – I feel like we’re sayingView full post »

The siege of Leningrad

I briefly touched on the Siege of Leningrad*, but a passing mention doesn’t do justice to the sheer scope and tragedy of the events of September 1941 to January 1944. We spent a wet afternoonView full post »

The Winter Palace, St Petersburg

The Winter Palace was the official residence of the Russian monarchs from 1732 to 1917, when the ‘storming’ of revolutionaries became a defining moment in the Russian revolution. LessView full post »