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I used to whinge about the weather in Melbourne, until I visited pretty much anywhere else. We have it good. And if you want to see the best of it, come in April. I spent yesterday on Merri Creek – the park trail connecting the city and the inner north. A long walk with a friend for a burger and Pimm’s in the sunshine of the Abbotsford Convent, talking creativity and business and life plans. After a few chores in the city, Rob gave me a call to say he was leaving work early. This NEVER happens. Our trains arrived from opposite directions at the same time, and we raced home to jump on the bikes. We headed up Merri Creek in the other direction, hoping to catch the roos before the sunset. We didn’t quite make it, but there were plenty of kookaburras out taunting and hunting.

There’s a lot I love about Melbourne, but having the bush on our doorstep is up there with my favourites.

So in summary, I didn’t get a scrap of work done yesterday. But I did top up my Vitamin D for the winter. Which I feel is important.

merri creek bike trail
merri creek bike trail melbourne kookaburras
merri creek bike trail kookaburras wildlife