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While we tend to err on the side of the agnostics, I love Easter. It’s always a ‘press pause’ weekend for our family – a chance to hang out and binge eat without all the Christmas crazy. We spent the weekend at home, subsisting on chocolate and hot cross buns and testing Dad’s latest Shiraz straight out of the barrel. It’s a good one. The traditional Hunger Games-esque Easter Egg Hunt was postponed until nightfall so that all competitors could be in attendance, but unfortunately the Presidents Snow (actual surname) deemed it to be too late in the evening and just handed over the prizes without the usual obstacles. Something of an anti-climax.

As was the Lego movie, which Rob dragged me to see this evening. Unless you’re a ten  year old boy, I don’t recommend it. The only redeeming features were Liam Neeson and Will Arnett. Not quite enough to make up for jack hammering “everything is awesome” into my head.

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you had a lovely weekend. And if you’re in Australia, I hope you’ve taken the next three days as annual leave to create the most epic ten day weekend that ever existed.