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So New Zealand might just be the most spectacular place in the known universe.

Every time we toss up the ‘next trip’ Rob suggests New Zealand, and every time I say something obnoxious like “let’s go somewhere interesting.” It’s possible I texted Rob as soon as I got off the plane with “well, you were right.”

What finally got me across the ditch was the rather spectacular wedding of two friends in Queenstown. Rob could only come over for a grand total of 36 hours but I was able to take an extra week for an epically unplanned solo road trip around  the South Island. The scenery is like nothing I have ever seen, to the point I was exclaiming constantly to myself “f….ing hell, New Zealand” at constant intervals throughout the day. Naturally I took a bucket load of photos but time is of the essence and I’ll possible/probably/hopefully share some more eventually. I’m in two minds on continuing this blog, but I’m trying to not let inertia make any decisions for me just yet.

For the moment, I’ll be back soon (ish). x